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Wedding Ministers Puerto Rico

Real ministers, for real weddings
Ministros de Bodas Puerto Rico

Are you considering Puerto Rico for your island destination wedding? We would love to be part of it!!!  Your wedding is one of the most important events of your lives, and its made up of both, your Ceremony and your Reception! The wedding officiant job is very crucial in making sure the tone of the ceremony is set!.  Therefore whoever officiates your ceremony should make it an unforgettable and amazing experience for you and your guests. We are a team of 4 professional and real ministers; Pablo N. Aymat, Marilyn Gonzalez, René D. Vega and Astrid Tapia, who are all members of Puerto Rico’s original wedding officiant team!

Tel. (787)547-1819 / (787)508-8300


¿Estás considerando Puerto Rico para tu boda en el destino de la isla? ¡Nos encantaría ser parte de esto! ¡Su boda es uno de los eventos más importantes de sus vidas, y se compone tanto de su Ceremonia como de su Recepción! ¡El trabajo oficiante de la boda es crucial para asegurar que se establezca el tono de la ceremonia!  Por lo tanto, quien oficia su ceremonia debe hacer que sea una experiencia inolvidable y sorprendente para usted y sus invitados. Somos un equipo de 4 ministros profesionales y reales; Pablo N. Aymat, Marilyn González, René D. Vega y Astrid Tapia, que son todos miembros del equipo original de oficiantes de bodas de Puerto Rico.

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Tell us about yourselves

Let's make your ceremony special

We want to know about you!  We are flexible and open minded so we would love to work with you and make your ceremony meaningful! How did you meet? What do you love more about each other? Do you want your ceremony to be religious, secular? Are you doing your own vows or prefer traditional ones? Those are the kind of questions we would ask you to make your ceremony special.


Queremos conocerte! Somos flexibles y nos gustatia trabajar en tu ceremonia para hacer de la misma una inolvidable.  Quieres una ceremonia Cristiana? ritualmente Catolica? Secular? Civil? Haras tus propios votos o los tradicionales?  Dejanos saber!

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Ceremonies officiated by professionals

Stunning and Memorable

Your ceremony can be Religious or Non Religious; rest assure that our Officiants are top notch professionals; so you are in good hands with our real ministers!
Su ceremonia puede ser religiosa o no religiosa.  Nuestros Oficiales son profesionales de primer nivel; ¡así que estás en buenas manos con nuestros ministros reales!

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Eloping?  Big Wedding?

Perfectly Planned

Your ceremony can be Legal or Symbolic;  500 guests or just the 2 of you.


Su ceremonia uede ser legal o simbolica; de 500 invitados o solo ustedes 2.

Why Wedding Ministers Puerto Rico?

What makes us different?

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TEAMWORK AND RELIABILITY: We are actually a team of ministers composed of Pablo N. Aymat, Marilyn Gonzalez, Astrid Tapia and Rene Vega.  Because we are a group, you have the option of choosing between female or male officiant. Also, as opposed to an individual officiant, it ads reliability as a back up can resolve emergency situation easier.



En realidad somos un equipo de ministros compuesto por Pablo N. Aymat, Marilyn González, Astrid Tapia y René Vega. Debido a que somos un grupo, usted tiene la opción de elegir entre un oficiante masculino o femenino. Además, a diferencia de un oficiante individual, hay confiabilidad ya que en caso de emergencia otro oficiante puede sustiruir.

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"When one loves, one does not calculate"

St. Therese of Lisieux

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